For years our parents took care of you and now as they get older the tables have turned and you are looking at taking care of them. It is a natural process, yet unfamiliar.

You may not even live in the same neighborhood, city or state. Yet, they wish to remain in the home which is comfortable and familiar. Their friends are close by. Activities like social clubs or church groups  mean a lot to them and you want them to enjoy their retirement years in comfort and safety.

Now you can have the peace of mind with a Home medical alert monitoring system.  This is more than just a simple pendant that your mom or dad may wear around the home and yard. There are systems that also monitor their safety while away from home. Technology has made great advances in personal safety.

The toughest part

You know the toughest part may be starting the conversation of providing them with a personal medical alert system. Mom or dad may not realize they could use the added safety of a home medical alert system. Simply ask them if they have thought of getting a personal medial alert system.  It would certainly provide you some peace of mind.

What to look for in a Medical Alert System

Be sure to ask the following questions when shopping for a system:

  1. Is it just for home or can it monitor away form home?
  2. For home based units, do I need a landline phone?
  3. Can I remotely monitor and get messages?
  4. Is this a 24-hour monitoring system?
  5. What other accessories can be added to the system?
  6. Does this integrate with a home security system?
  7. Is there a contract for services?
  8. Do we own the equipment?
  9. What type of warranty is there?

We want you to be fully aware so if you have any other questions.

Feel free to reach out to us at 402-891-9700

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