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Medical Alert Systems

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Emergency Medial Alert Pendant and wristband | MediguardUSA medical alert systems

Pendant / Wristband

With our in-home medical alert monitoring systems, you have the choice of a pendant or wristband alert unit.
Numera Wired Based Station for a Home based medical alert system. MediGuardUSA, Omaha, NE

MediGuard Express

For homes with a land line, a wired base station is utilized for the most secure connection.
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MediGuard Cellular

For those homes that do not have a land line, a wireless or cellular base station is the affordable option.

The MediGuardUSA In-Home Solutions

Our Medical Alert Systems come with everything you need. You have a choice of wrist or necklace pendant transmitter, and includes rechargeable battery backup, power supply, and easy to understand directions. Of course, we will teach you while we are at your home setting things up!

  • Most our Systems have Text Notifications for Family Members or Caregivers at no extra cost.
  • No Phone Line?  No problem!  We have Cellular Consoles that work without any phone line.
  • Program up to 16 Medication, Wake-up, or Wellness Reminders
  • Can be integrated with our Medication Dispenser for verification and notifications of daily medication compliance.
  • Any emergency response opens up Two-Way Conversation with user and our medical responders.
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Monitoring Services start at $25 a month

MediGuardUSA can provide your family 24/7 peace of mind for $25* a month.  MediGuardUSA does not lock you in with a long-term contract, unlike some providers, making it difficult to get out of. Your month-to-month Medical Alert System fee includes rental of the base unit and pendant.  There is nothing to else to buy and there is only a small one-time  installation fee.

*In-home units using a land-line telephone system monitoring unit, cellular plans slighly higher.

Add-On Accessories

MediGuardUSA offers additional accessories to offer customized medical alert system protection throughout the home.

All designed to provide additional Peace of Mind for family members.

Alert System fall sensor | MediguardUSA home medical alert systems Omaha NE

Alert System Fall Sensor

It easily clips on a belt or shirt pocket, and comes with a docking station for bedtime or recliner use.  Because of the adjustable timers, we can program the unit to each customers needs.  This sensor will call for assistance even if the user is unable initiate a call when it detects a fall.

Wall Accessories

Our wireless wall-mounted Help Button is a perfect accessory to complement your medical alert system,  The Help Button is designed to be installed and used in places where emergency calls often take place i.e. next to the bed, in the kithcen, or in the bathroom. Our Help Button comes with two design options: blue shaded help button or alternate red help button. 
Help button for Home personal medical alert systems | Omaha NE MediguardUSA
Water Level detector for home medial alert systems. |Mediguard USA Omaha, NE

Water Level Detector

Our emergency response Water Level Detector will notify in the event of a flood due to an overflow of bathtub, sink, or even a washing machine.  When the presence of water is detected, this unit will send a signal letting our responders contact the caregiver or neighbor.

Smoke / CO Detectors

Our emergency response Smoke and CO Detectors play an important role in our customers home.  Having a smoke and CO detector that is monitored assures that help will be notified in a timely manner.  With hearing loss or customers that may not be able to understand what the alarm is for, this becomes one of the most important accessories for your loved ones.
Smoke Detector / Carbon Monoxide detector Home Medical alert systems | Mediguard  USA Omaha, NE

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